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Andrew WatkinsonManaging Director, Ardent Solutions

Andrew is a founder of The Waterdale Group and has been the Managing Director of Ardent Solutions since 2006. His enthusiasm, drive and determination to create a successful, progressive business has allowed The Waterdale Group to become one of the UK’s leading ERP and CRM specialists in the mid-market.

Roger FleuryDirector, Ardent Solutions

Roger has been the Director of Ardent Solutions since 2003 and has over 20 years’ experience of implementing ERP systems and specialist knowledge about Microsoft Dynamics AX. Roger has worked with AX since 2003 on versions 2.5, 3, 4.0, AX2009, AX2012 and, more recently, AX 7. Roger has been involved with the majority of our deployments.

Adrian GarrawayMicrosoft Dynamics AX Consultant

Adrian is an experienced Microsoft Dynamics AX consultant with involvement in some of the very early versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX right up to the current AX 7 release. Adrian has acquired an extensive knowledge of the implementation lifecycle.

Jonathan SmythMicrosoft Dynamics AX Consultant

Jonathan is a fully accredited Microsoft Dynamics AX consultant with Ardent Solutions. Jonathan has worked with Microsoft Dynamics AX since 2005. He has worked on “rapid deployments” of Microsoft Dynamics AX, having implemented the solution in 8 weeks at one particular site.

Stuart WillettsMicrosoft Dynamics AX Consultant

Stuart is a well-respected member of the Ardent consulting team. He is a fully accredited AX consultant, specialising in manufacturing and general logistics. During his career Stuart has been heavily involved in many of Ardent’s flagship projects.

Tim Mansell Technical Engineer, Ardent Solutions

Having joined the Waterdale group directly from full time education, Tim has gained extensive knowledge of Microsoft technologies and as a Microsoft Certified IT Professional, he has built up a portfolio of experience across a number of projects in various industry sectors.  Tim has been working with the installation and configuration of Microsoft Dynamics AX since 2010.

Vaibhav Patil Microsoft Dynamics AX Senior Development Consultant

Vaibhav has over 7 years’ experience as an AX technical consultant. Built on the foundations of his academic qualifications, including a Masters in Computer Science, Vaibhav has developed a broad expertise in configuring AX into various industries

Raghavendra Rajarao Microsoft Dynamics AX Functional Consultant

A recent addition to the Ardent team, Rao is a Microsoft Dynamics AX Certified Professional. He has provided consultancy for various global clients on best business practice and translated that knowledge to design and define architect appropriate, customer solutions.


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